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I am a freelance software applications developer with experience building for the web, Roku, and Minerva IPTV platforms. I have written REST webservices and automated video transcoding processes on the back-end, and dynamic user interfaces on the front-end. I am well versed in PHP, MySQL, HTML 5, CSS, Javascript, XML, WordPress, SVN, Git, jQuery and have experience developing for the SiriusXM, Twitter and Paypal IPN APIs. Contact me: jeff[at]jeffslutz[dot]com.

Scroll down for a list of some of the projects I’ve worked on…

NBA Game Time on Roku

Recently wrapped up a set of tweaks and upgrades to the NBA’s Roku app. If you have a Roku stop by the Channel Store and check it out.

NBA Game Time

NBA Game Time

Designer Tim Stroh came to me for a full build-out of this high-concept site.

The gents at goodpenny designed what they wanted for the site. I built the site from scratch with a php foundation. Really fun project. The landing page features fade-in/fade-out news headlines pulled from goodpenny’s facebook and twitter feeds (and more).

CloverLeaf Digital ipTV Apps

I’ve been working with CloverLeaf since 2009 developing apps for IPTV platforms. My work there has included database design, REST/Webservice development, and client-side display development for the Nokia Siemens (Myrio) platform.

Therapy Hours Tracker

Built from the ground up, is a website that allows therapists-in-training to track their client-contact and supervision hours. The site has a full, custom-built user-management system and MYSQL database. It also makes use of assorted jQuery-UI tools and integrates usage tracking and automatic database backup systems.

Therapy Hours Tracker

Andrew Hollander – Music

Andrew had a beautifully designed website with nowhere to live on the web. I was responsible for finding hosting for and for updating its html page structure to a more modern php system that allows content to be updated much more quickly and easily.

Andrew Hollander - Composer

BubbleBreaker / BubbleBreaker Gravity

BubbleBreaker is my rendition of the classic color-matching game. BubbleBreaker Gravity takes the concept one step further and allows the player to control the direction of gravity. I programmed these as an exercise in Object Oriented PHP, AJAX and Javascript. It also gave me the opportunity to play with lambda functions in PHP. Click here to play the games.

BubbleBreaker / BubbleBreaker Gravity

BubbleBreaker / BubbleBreaker Gravity

To contact me email jeff[at] or call 970-443-9390

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