The 9+1 Best TED Talks Ever

I keep finding more that I love (keep ’em coming TED) so I’m just adding to the original list.  Nothing but the best:

If you’re like me and are inspired by scientific and technological advances and bleeding-edge knowledge of our universe and human-kind, you will love Whenever I’m unimpressed with the world and its inhabitants (especially myself) I go to, and it always manages to impress me. TED reminds me that anything is possible if we can dream it and commit to making it real. has hundreds of free videos featuring innovative speakers from each field. Almost all the talks are fascinating–even if the subject matter doesn’t interest me I usually can’t help but be drawn in by the speaker’s passion.

Here are the ten best talks:

  • The Human Brain
    • NEW:  Robert Sapolsky, a primatologist, gives an insightful, provocative, funny, impressive talk to Stanford graduates.  He focuses on the unexpected areas where humans are just like other animals, and even more unexpected areas where we’re one of the unique-e-er species on the planet.  Wonderful.
    • Jill Bolte Taylor is a brain researcher who suffered a massive stroke. She describes what it was like to be conscious during the stroke, watching parts of her brain shut down. Truly amazing.
    • Jeff Hawkins (developer of the Palm and Treo) talks about brain Continue reading